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Some Important Facts You Need To Know

Please select from the subjects listed below to learn more about the types of service your car needs to keep it at top performance. Brief and informative, they will help you better understand service and maintenance features critical for your safety and driving enjoyment.

“From time to time we'll be updating this page with what we hope are helpful hints and advice on how to keep your car safe and running well”
              Summit Auto Service Owner Marc Eson

Regular Maintenance

Subaru ClassicWe are frequently asked by customers whether maintenance work by a reputable independent service shop satisfies the requirements of their warranty agreement. The answer emphatically is yes! You don't have to take your vehicle to the dealership.

Summit Auto Service’s ASE certified technicians can maintain your dealer warranty and will do so with experience and expertise.

Regular oil changes and diligently following the maintenance guidelines for your vehicle will not only increase your cars or truck’s longevity; it will also enhance performance and guarantee safety. Contact Summit Auto Service.

Warning Lights

red oil lampThe warning lights with which your vehicle is equipped come in two basic colors, orange and red.

Red means pull off the road, turn off your engine and get your car or truck immediate attention.

Orange is not so dire and tells you that you should call your mechanic and make an appointment to have the system you are being warned about checked. Do not panic when you see an orange warning light. Just pick up a telephone and call Summit Auto Service.

Typical items you are being warned about include fluids, engine temperature, anti-lock brakes and tires. These generally depict an image of the system being brought to your attention.

A red universal seat belt symbol means that you should, for example, fasten your seat belt. If your oil indicator lamp lights red be sure to stop your engine. Contact Summit Auto Service.

Check Engine Light

check engineMany drivers understandably are unduly concerned when they see their “check engine” light come on. Don’t panic. This indicator simply means that the emission system of your vehicle needs to be checked and tested.

Unless you are experiencing some sort of symptom that is affecting the performance of your car or truck, just make an appointment with Summit Auto Service for a technician to run a diagnostics test to pin point what needs to be corrected.

Emission systems are complex and any number of component elements from a long list will activate a check engine alert. These require attention; yet they are rarely cause for alarm. Contact Summit Auto Service.


car tireProper tire inflation insures even wear and maximum fuel efficiency. You would probably be surprised to learn just how much keeping your tires properly inflated will improve miles per gallon.

Good tire maintenance is also an important safety factor adding to the stability and control of your vehicle.

Check your owner’s manual to find the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure for your car or truck and Summit Auto Service is always happy to check your tires for you. Contact Summit Auto Service.


brake caliper Part of a regular maintenance routine, brakes should be checked at a minimum of every 15,000 miles. Your brakes need attention if the pedal is low or the action feels less responsive than usual. Another warning sign is if your brake pedal sinks when pressure is applied to it at a stop light.

Experiencing vibration when braking, or worse, with high speed braking, such as exiting the expressway, indicates warped brake rotors. The problem is not an extreme safety hazard. So, don’t get excited; but do have your brakes examined soon.


oil bottleConsult your owner’s manual, but as a general rule it is a good idea to have your oil and oil filter changed every 3,000 to 4,000 miles and to have all your fluids checked including brake, power steering, transmission, windshield washer solvent, and anti-freeze/coolant.

All of these play a big roll in the safety, performance and longevity of your vehicle.


vbeltEngine belts should be inspected regularly. They can become cracked or lose sections or segments. The result is diminished engine performance.

Windshield Wipers

wiper symbol

Extremes of heat and cold can cause cracks and tears in your windshield wiper blades. If you notice your windshield beginning to streak, it's time to have the wipers replaced. You don’t want to discover that your windshield wipers are performing poorly during a driving rain.

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